Friday, September 22, 2006

Just get out

Hugo Chavez accomplished what seemed impossible: He’s got the Democrats on Bush’s side. And I am not talking about Joe Lieberman. He’s got Charles Rangel and Nancy Pelosi sounding like Karl Rove. Now that’s something.

To be honest that’s a huge relief, especially after the whole “I am a loon that sells Chomsky books on the side” schtick at the UN. For a moment there I thought the Democrats were taking the Federalists road to the blue light.

In any case, the show is not over. Today he went to Harlem to promise discounted heating oil to needy Americans. This of course makes total sense given the lavish living standards of the Venezuelan people.

It gives a new meaning to the word pathetic.

And just tell me again, why do we need to put up with all this nonsense? Why do we need to invite these (and many others) buffoons here?

We buy his oil, he buys weapons from Russians… Isn’t that bad enough?

I concede one thing though. The buffoon is right when he says that the UN is a pony show.

However, that’s no reason to be parading this jackass around here.