Monday, June 18, 2007

I really despise the press

Let me show you another example of how biased and dishonest our world press is:

Go to Google news and search for “Afghanistan children killed”. You will get thousands (literally) of results and headlines like “AFGHANISTAN: CHILDREN KILLED IN US-LED COALITION AIR STRIKE”.

Now search for “Gaza children killed”. You will get a hand full of articles that talks about this. And guess what? Most of them blame the deaths on Israel!

Look for pictures. The killing of Palestinian people (by Palestinian people) has been going on for more than a week, but I have not found one picture of it. The Afghan bombing was yesterday and yet you can find plenty of very (very) graphical pictures of dead children.

Oh and by the way, the Afghan bombing was targeting Al-Qaida. The Palestinian conflict is targeting… Palestinians. The US used bombs against Al-Qaida for all the known reasons. Bombs are not 100% accurate so collateral damage happens. When Hamas attacks Fatah they use small weapons. They kill children because they intend to.

I wonder how this crazy morality scale has taken over the “free” press. I am not a conspiracy guy and much less in favor of censorship, but maybe there is some kind of underlining battle that is being lost here that people just don’t know about.

It makes me sick.


patricia m. said...

A maioria esmagadora da midia eh de esquerda, fazer o que... Alias, prestigiar (e assinar) os poucos veiculos de direita que existem. Realmente a midia de esquerda eh de fazer qualquer um vomitar as tripas, de tao ruim que eh.

Anonymous said...

As far as news media is concern, your praise for disguised censorship tells me that you are a kind of small-town socialist and not a free marketeer.


Cláudio said...

Como diz nossa ministra "Relaxa e goza!"