Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hamas gives Fatah ultimatum to surrender

More than a year ago when Hamas won the Palestinian election I said that this would probably be a good thing. It was the second death of Yasser Arafat and the façade of a “moderate” Palestine was going to be unraveled soon.

I was right. The current battle (civil war for the ones who love the term) shows that Palestinians are a problem within themselves. That is, all the talk about Israel being the provocateur of violence in the region is (and has always been) pure bullshit.

The radical elements of Hamas are not radical elements. The UN control of the region is non-existent. Hamas is radical (and violent) by definition, and that is the path most of Palestine chose to itself. Fatah was the promise of moderation that never actually materialized and now is being destroyed. Muslims killing Muslins for nothing else but power. No fatwa required.

Now it will become clear what needs to be done to solve the “Palestinian problem”. Or at least it should.

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