Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Oh, what a difference 15 years make...

The last 30 seconds are an instant classic.

Would I have voted for Clinton/Gore in 92? :-)


Anonymous said...

Eu gostaria muito de receber em POrtuguês,um texto publicado aqui em 23 de setembro de 2006,sobre o Wal-Mart. Você poderia fazer esse favor?
Muito obrigada,
Saturday, September 23, 2006
People love to hate Wal-Mart. When I say people I actually mean the press. Consequently I really mean the left.

Yes, lefties despise Wal-Mart. I’d say that besides Bush, Wal-Mart is the real devil for them (maybe Chavez will mention that in his next speech).

Now, I am not an economist. I am not sure about all the micro and macro economic implications they cause. To be honest with you, I don’t think anyone really knows this for sure.

What I do know is that most of the accusations against it (and you can see a typical list here) are total b.s.

For instance, they say the salary is too low. But compared to what? If you ever went to a Wal-Mart you will notice that they employ a lot of, let’s say, “less desirable” employees: the very young and the very old; physically and mentally handicapped; and poorly educated people. How much would they get in any other job?

Workers understand this. Fat politicians have a very hard time accepting it.

Every other accusation follows the same reasoning. Wal-Mart is not illegal… Is just that they could do so much more! They could be nicer. They could plant trees. Why do they have to charge 4 bucks for medicine? I bet they could cut their profits and just give it for free!

And the most absurd part of this whole ‘movement’ against Wal-Mart is this idea that they forced their way into success (MR noticed that as well). Nobody likes such big stores and all that made in China crap. We miss so much the “homey store and friendly neighborhood shopping experience”! We are all just a bunch of suckers being tricked into buying from the big devil.

Why this dishonest scheme hasn’t worked in Germany you ask? Ah, the Germans must be smarter. Or maybe more homey.

Just for the record: I don’t shop at Wal-Mart. I like Target much better. Why? Because their service is better, the stores are nicer, and products have better quality.

Most of all, I don’t shop at Wal-Mart because I don’t need to.

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O tempo eh curto, fica complicado. Espero que isso aqui ja te ajude: