Wednesday, January 31, 2007

What We Don't Know

42 of the biggest questions in science.

My favorites:
- Where did life come from?
- What is the universe made of?
- What causes gravity?
- Why can’t we predict the weather?
- Why do we sleep?

And here is the most interesting fact of all:
"Information is expanding 10 times faster than any product on this planet - manufactured or natural. According to Hal Varian, an economist at UC Berkeley and a consultant to Google, worldwide information is increasing at 66 percent per year - approaching the rate of Moore’s law - while the most prolific manufactured stuff - paper, let’s say, or steel - averages only as much as 7 percent annually. By this rough metric, knowledge is growing exponentially. Indeed, the current pace of discovery is accelerating so rapidly that it seems as if we’re headed for that rapture of enlightenment known as the Singularity."