Friday, February 16, 2007

It’s never enough

So it looks like Bush got what everyone believed was impossible: A deal to shut down North Korea's nuclear reactor in return for aid.

Bush’s point was always that a deal could be reached but it would be through the six-party talks and not by a 1:1 US-North Korea negotiation. He also believed that by taking a hard line and cutting aid, Pyongyang would eventually have no option but to back down.

He was right in both counts.

But for the press (i.e. left) good is never enough. The new thing now is that actually Bush has changed his mind! He never really wanted a deal. All the pressure was just to justify another war. And so on.

These are such blatant lies that if you have the patience and read all articles, even liberal publications (like this Time article) say otherwise.

Another funny thing the press is doing is to try to show that, even though Bush has morphed into this diplomacy champion, conservatives have not. You can even find headlines like this: Conservatives alarmed by North Korea nuclear pact.

Of course conservatives are worried. They were worried when Clinton got the same deal 12 years ago. That doesn’t mean they don’t want a deal. It only shows that they understand that North Korea is still an enemy and you should be alert and try no to repeat your mistakes.

But for the pacifists this deal is the real thing. So why isn’t the press hailing Bush like they did Clinton at that time?

It is very hard for me not to get upset with this kind of bias.