Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Voting with your feet - Venezuela edition

This is the future. Be afraid!

Exasperated by Chávez, more Venezuelans leave

"Middle- and upper-class Venezuelans are leaving the country in droves

U.S. embassy officials say inquiries for U.S. visas rose by one-third from March 2006 to March of this year, and requests to obtain U.S. passports — mostly by people claiming to be sons and daughters of U.S. citizens — have doubled over the past two years. Inquiries for Canadian visas are up 69 percent since last year, officials at that embassy say."

Last one out turn the lights off.

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patricia m. said...

Paulo, voce viu que a Venezuela esta se retirando do Banco Mundial e do FMI e esta criando o Banco do Sul? E viu quem vai ser o pato da estoria? Os Brazilian tax payers, a eterna otaria classe media brasileira!!!!