Thursday, March 15, 2007


Ok, so let’s try this again. Comments are back.

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solitarioh2005 said...

Thanks for allowing comments.
For more than once I wanted to make a comment but i was unable to do it since the comment option was disabled.
1- You understand portuguese? It does happen i am portuguese so it might be easyer for me to make comments in portuguese ( Or comments in portuguese and english ) .

2- When it comes to the demonstrations against Bush in Brazil You say people are very stupid.

Many people indeed are very stupid.
In other words - they do not think.
In the case of Brazil demonstrators against Bush.., I think Brazilians were not that stupid as one would expect since only 6 or 7 thousand did show up to the demonstrations.

Everyone else did not give a damn tough.., people do hate Bush.

This happens because of the media.

Media in portugal.., Brazil and even america is anti bush and people is brainwashed.

I used to watch CNN international but I got fed up with their liberal anti Bush bias.