Saturday, March 31, 2007

Shakedown 1979?

This kidnapping of 15 British sailors doesn’t smell so good.

It could be just one of those little crisis like the on we had a few years ago when after a few days they are released and it’s business as usual.

But the thing is that Iran is looking a little bit too full of himself.

A guy on the radio show asked the other day “Why would they do this? Don’t they know that the US and UK can destroy them in a second?”

The answer to this is: They do because they can. Or at least they think they can.

They did it big time in 1979. That in my opinion was the origin of everything else that happened until this point in that region. Another great heritage we received from Mr. Carter (or as I prefer to call him, the worst President in American history).

But this could be something else. It could be a bad move from Mullahs. If the west reacts and, let’s say, destroys Iran very few gasoline refineries and its Navy, what will they do?

Let’s wait and see.


solitarioh2005 said...

well.., Iran is a big country.
When it comes to weapons of mass dectruction Iran has plenty avaiable.

Biological weapons :

Iran has advanced biology and genetic engineering research programs supporting an industry that produces world class vaccines for both domestic use and export.[5] The dual use nature of these facilities mean that Iran, like any country with advanced biological research programs, could easily produce biological warfare agents.


According to The Nuclear Threat Initiative, Iran is known to possess cultures of the many biological agents for legitimate scientific purposes which have been weaponised by other nations in the past, or could theoretically be weaponised, though they do not allege that Iran has attempted to weaponise them, Iran possesses sufficient biological facilities to potentially do so.


Chemical weapons :

A US Central Intelligence Agency report dated January 2001 speculates Iran has manufactured and stockpiled chemical weapons - including blister, blood, choking, and probably nerve agents, and the bombs and artillery shells to deliver them. It further claims that during the first half of 2001 Iran continued to seek production technology, training, expertise, equipment, and chemicals from entities in Russia and China that could be used to help Iran reach its goal of having indigenous nerve agent production capability.

Missiles :

When it comes to missiles they have missiles that can reach as far as Israel.

"Shahab-3 was the first Intermediate-range ballistic missile that was built by Iran's military. Its first model, also known as Shahab-3A has a range of 1300km. Soon after Iran came with a new model called Shahab-3B, which has a range of 2000km, and can carry a heavier warhead. Making this missile was a major step in Iran's missile industry, and it opened the way to longer range missiles. Shahab-3D is Iran's latest Shahab model, which has a range of 2200km.".

The Shaab 3 can strike targets as far as the balcans , India , the wholle midleast.

All the US bases in the midle east are within the range of shaab 3.

Click here to see

Besides they have a flotilla of Submarines

" Iranian Submarine Launched Missiles"
August 30, 2006: Iran test fired what appeared to be a Russian Klub-S (3M54) submarine launched anti-ship missile.


The problem with the 3M54 is that it would make it easer for Iran to shut down oil exports from the Persian Gulf, at least for a while.".

Besides firing missiles to US forces in iraq and elsewhere in the middle East , Iran could also close the strait of Ormuz , blocking oil exports to the west and china.

Besides Iran has a special unit of martyrdom seekers, people ready to blow up other people.

Militarly Iran is not like Iraq.

PATRICIA M. said...

A unica saida possivel... eh usar NUKES on them. Outra guerra como a do Iraque eh insustentavel.