Friday, April 27, 2007

He is the future

I’ve always thought that Mangabeira’s Portuguese was incomprehensible. After reading some of his texts in English I come to realize that the problem is not really the language factor.

But hey, he’s supposed to be a genius. Maybe my intellect is just too limited to grasp his greatness.

I think it’s poetic justice that such an obtuse man was chosen to be the head of Brazil’s “special secretariat for long-term actions”.

Just perfect.


PATRICIA M. said...

Paulo, sao os "garotos" de Harvard, hahahahahahaha.


Cláudio said...

Eu diria que estou farto dessas justiças poéticas... :-)

Solon said...

I don't find either the Portuguese article neither the first couple of pages of the English book to be that unintelligible. Olavo de Carvalho, Mino Carta and Elio Gaspari, to mention only well known Brazilian pundits, have a much more convoluted text, in my opinion.