Sunday, August 21, 2005

What Cindy Sheehan Really Wants

"This is an argument, about a real war, that deserves moral seriousness on all sides. Flippancy and light-mindedness have no place. Cindy Sheehan's cheerleader Michael Moore has compared the "insurgents" in Iraq to the American minutemen and Founding Fathers. Do I taunt him for not volunteering to fight himself in such a noble cause? Of course I do not. That would be a low and sly blow. Do I say that he is spouting fascistic nonsense? Of course I do. Is Cindy Sheehan exempt from any verdict on her wacko opinions because of her bereavement? I would say that she is not. Has she been led into a false position by eager cynics who have sacrificed nothing and who would happily surrender unconditionally to the worst enemy that currently faces civilization? That's for her to clarify. While she ponders, she should forgo prayer, stay in California, and end her protest."

Christopher Hitchens, para a Slate.


Fernando said...

Culpada por associação. Interessante, apesar de misguided, presunção.


Marcus Pessoa said...

Off topic: Paulo, eu deixei uma resposta pra você naquele post do Smart. Peço encarecidamente que você a leia e, caso deseje, a responda lá ou em privado.

Paulo said...


Eu li seu recado. Tudo ok entao.