Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Alguns números importantes

Sobre a evacuação:
- An article in 2002 in the New Orleans Times-Picayune explored the hurricane-induced flooding scenario and estimated that 200,000 residents of the city would be stranded by such an event. A Houston Chronicle article from 2001 estimated that 250,000 residents would be stranded. That is over 40% of the population of the city, which stood at 484,000 in 2000.

A recent poll of New Orleans residents revealed that an even higher percentage, 60%, would remain in the city even if ordered to evacuate with a major storm on the way. The Mayor New Orleans, Ray Nagin, estimated that at least 80% of his city's residents were out before the hurricane hit Monday. In retrospect, this must be considered a major positive achievement.

Sobre a raça das vítimas:
- According to the 2000 census, New Orleans' population of 484,000 included approximately 136,000 whites, and 326,000 blacks. The white figure includes 7,000 Hispanics who classify themselves as white on the census forms. If 80% of New Orleans residents got out early – and this is the Mayor's number – then only about 97,000 residents remained. Assume all of them were black, (which of course they were not). That would mean that 229,000 blacks got out early, and 136,000 whites along with them. In other words, the successful mass evacuation substantially benefited black residents of the city.

The three Mississippi counties that were hardest hit - Hancock (home to Pass Christian), Harrison (home to Biloxi and Gulfport), and Jackson (home to Pascagoula and Ocean Springs) are among the whitest counties in Mississippi, the state with the highest African American percentage of the population in the country (36.3% in 2003). But in these three counties, the white population in 2003 was estimated at 280,311, and the black population was 71,070, a white to black ratio of 4 to 1, much higher than the overall ratio in the state of about 5 to 3.

Four of the five parishes worst hit in the New Orleans area flooding, Jefferson, Plaquemines, St. Bernard and St. Tammany, are majority white (ranging from 67% to 88%). Only Orleans Parish (New Orleans) is majority black (67%).

Sobre a criminalidade:
- New Orleans is always at or near the top in the national ranking for murder rate. The rate of murders per thousand residents there has been ten times the national average in recent years. This high murder rate cannot be explained by poverty, and demographics. New Orleans’ murder rate is also ten times as high as New York City’s, a city once thought ungovernable, which also has a large majority of non-white residents. But New York Citt has managed to reduce its murder rate by 75% in 12 years, and now has overall crime rates much lower than most European cities (where sophisticates spent the week sneering at America’s incompetence and racism).

New Orleans has a small police force, only 1,400, and they were unable or unwilling to deal with the outbreak of looting, shootings, and rape, while at the same time trying to help with rescue operations and move people to safety. But the city, in which corruption and crime has always been rampant, was unusually ill equipped to deal with the kind of catastrophe.

Fonte: The American Thinker.


Julia said...



Thought you might find these interesting.

Fernando said...

Yes, Julia. Passing the buck has never been this sweet.

Raimundo Arão said...

S. O'BRIEN (CNN): You're telling me the president [Bush] told you the governor [Blanco] said she needed 24 hours to make a decision?
NAGIN (New Orleans Mayor): Yes.

S. O'BRIEN : Regarding what? Bringing troops in?
NAGIN : Whatever they had discussed. As far as what the -- I was abdicating a clear chain of command, so that we could get resources flowing in the right places.

S. O'BRIEN : And the governor said no.
NAGIN : She said that she needed 24 hours to make a decision. It would have been great if we could of left Air Force One, walked outside, and told the world that we had this all worked out. It didn't happen, and more people died. [Emphasis added]

aqui -> http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0509/05/ltm.01.html

Cláudio said...

Raimundo, ou melhor Raimundão, está é mais uma mentira deslavada da imprensa mainstream para acobertar o governo e favorecer seus interesses corporativos.

Raimundo Arão said...

E vão lá outros números:

A CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll of 609 adults taken September 5-6 shows:

Blame Game — 13% said George W. Bush is “most responsible for the problems in New Orleans after the hurricane”; 18% said “federal agencies”; 25% said “state and local officials”; 38% said “no one is to blame”; 6% had no opinion. — 29% said that “top officials in the federal agencies responsible for handling emergencies should be fired”; 63% said they should not; 8% had no opinion.

Pena que não botaram as acusa... digo, opiniões sérias da Leila, a Jane Fonda brasileira.

Raimundo Arão said...

Mais blame game?

Nagin: 'Make a doggone decision'
O vídeo em que o prefeito de NO fala do encontro da governadora (Blanco) com Bush:


Parece que as coisas estão fedendo para o lado dela.

Fernando said...

Como sempre, o Dennis Miller brasileiro usa os dados mais convenientes e ignora o resto:

Opinions varied widely, however, on the response of federal, state and local officials regarding Katrina. Forty-two percent of respondents characterized President Bush's response to the disaster as "bad" or "terrible," while 35 percent said it was "good" or "great."

Federal government agencies' response was described as "bad" or "terrible" by 42 percent, and "good" or "great" by 35 percent. State and local officials' response was described as "bad" or "terrible" by 35 percent and "good" or "great" by 37 percent.


Raimundo Arão said...

Tudo bem, Fernando, mas quando for contar uma piada, seja engraçado.

Outra coisa, não estou usando "dados mais convenientes", simplesmente, porque nada disso convém para mim. Grow up!

Cláudio said...

Começou o Raimundão a fazer ataques pessoais! Essa direita raivosa não tem mesmo jeito.

Fernando said...

O blame game e' o primo da falta de accountability. Conveniente para uns e scapegoating para outros. Nao vejo graca nisso. Nem no cheiro fetido que vem do seu lado.

PS = Isso e' mais do que esperado Claudio. Se vc apertar eles peidam.

Raimundo Arão said...

Nossa, Fernado, você é tão inteligente, percebe todas as ironias tão bem.

Fernando said...

Talvez quem não entenda a ironia é o Cláudio. Mas tudo bem, o joguinho anda perdendo a graça; e covardes serão sempre covardes. Viva o seu complexo de inferioridade!